With the Bill Payment service that is part of Online Branch, you can pay all of your bills online. From mortgage or rent, to utilities and cable, making payments couldn’t be easier.

  • Click on Bill Payment on the menu bar of Online Branch. Enter all the information about the payee, and choose the account from which the payment should be debited. This is the information we’ll use to set up your personal bill paying system.
  • Make A Payment. Whenever you receive a bill in the mail, just go back to Bill Payment, choose the bill you want to pay, indicate the amount, and we’ll do the rest. There’s an online payment register that keeps track of all your payments, and adding or deleting a payee is easy under the Payee Maintenance section.

Why aren’t you using the Online Bill Payment service?
Here are some of the reasons we are hearing:

  • I don’t have control over my bills. This is simply not true. You have complete control over which bills you are paying and where the payments are going.
  • I don’t control when they are paid. This is also not true. You have the option to pay bills on a recurring schedule or by manual selection – basically choosing when to “cut the check” and send off the payment. Don’t confuse the Bill Payment service with the Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits set up with companies directly, which usually have pre-set payment withdrawal dates.
  • It takes too long for my payments to get to the company. It takes no longer than normal mail for your payments to get to their destinations. The Bill Payment processor will determine if the payment will go “electronically,” which takes 2 business days, or a manual check, which takes 5 business days. So there’s a chance that the payment will actually get there faster than you are used to.
  • I need a check copy for my records. You can follow the payment process through the Online Branch or your monthly statement. You can also track past payments with the Bill Payment system and print them out as needed. Also, the Bill Payment processor can retrieve verifications of payments for you as needed.
  • It takes too long to do the bills online. Initially, there is set-up time involved as you key in the necessary information on the companies that you are paying. But once that is completed, it takes a few moments to initiate a payment. Just change the amount of the bill due, a few clicks, and you’re done.